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LinkedIn opens up to social media listening


8. Sept. 2023

An important step forward.

Gathering public data from social networks is the essence of social media listenning and monitoring. This collection often hinges on keywords specified by users. To accomplish this, monitoring tools utilize what's termed an API provided by these networks.

Traditionally, platforms like Twitter/X have been open, granting unrestricted access to their public content. While Reddit and YouTube have also been open, they've set certain boundaries. On the other hand, platforms like Meta for Instagram and Facebook, and Weibo, have had restrictions. Especially noteworthy is Weibo's periodic restrictions from Chinese authorities and WeChat's differential access for local and international users.

Interestingly, LinkedIn never quite jumped on this bandwagon. Their guarded approach was a business strategy, emphasizing user privacy and, initially, the platform's scanty content. But with content sharing skyrocketing by 40% in the last two years, LinkedIn's landscape is changing, making it a hub for genuine interactions and valuable content, including critical insights about organizations, brands, or individuals.

Given this, there's a growing allure to tap into LinkedIn's data for social media listening and intelligence.

The exciting part? LinkedIn is currently piloting broader data access. Monitoring platforms are keenly observing, ready to roll it out if all goes well. From what we hear, LinkedIn's model will be more conservative, reminiscent of Meta's approach.

Stay tuned for more updates on this game-changing move, potentially reshaping the world of social media monitoring and crisis management.

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